We're Bananas For Pineapples!

At first glance you may not see the glamour of pineapples, but the history behind the sweet and sassy fruit could rival a 1920's film star! For centuries, pineapples were a symbol of wealth, due to the fact they were extremely rare and only grew in very select locations of the globe.


Only a true wanderlust owned a pineapple. In order to get one a person had to travel across the forbidden sea in adventure and exploration. Afterwards the pineapples were brought to port and were sold to the highest bidder. In fact, simply holding a pineapple in public was a pretty big deal.


It would be bizarre to see a celebrity arriving to the red carpet holding a pineapple instead of a clutch purse, but in the 1700's nothing would get the paparazzi painting pics like a sexy pineapple. 



They grew so popular despite the hefty price tag, that merchants began renting them to those hoping to elevate their social status.  Party goers rented a pineapple to accessorize their outfit at social events. They would return the pineapple the next morning and it would later be sold to someone who could afford to eat it. 


Imagine that ladies. Attending a party for hours, in a dress, while holding a pineapple. And we thought finding a place for our cell phone at the club was a problem. 



In the eighteenth century the Earl of Dunmore built a castle in honor of the fair pineapple. It's known as the Dunmore Pineapple. If you love travel and pineapples you'll want to put this one on your bucket list. A party of four can stay for as little as £15.00 per person. Learn More The building is often mocked as Scotland's greatest folly, but we think it's FINE-apple!



Wherever your curiosity and wanderlust take you, we hope you always wear a pineapple as a symbol of abundance and welcome to the friends you are about to meet.


Be a pineapple

Stand tall

Wear a crown

Be sweet on the inside





Fun Pineapple Facts:

*A pineapple will never be more ripe than when picked. Every pineapple maintains its sweetness and full potential longer than most plants, which makes it the most sea-worthy of all fruits.

*Pineapples are a symbol of prosperity in paintings, furniture, and architecture.

*Plantations and resorts often place them in entryways as a symbol of hospitality and welcome. 

*Queen Elizabeth received 500 cases of pineapple as a gift for her wedding.



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