High Tides ~ Good Vibes


    Looking to make a bang at your 4th of July party this year?   Patriotic Pucker-Up Punch has been known to make a spark! It's quick, easy and will impress your friends and family. So pucker up America, it's your birthday!   INGREDIENTS: 2 cups fresh blueberries 1-2 apples 1 pound fresh str... View Post

    Over seven million tons of garbage currently floats in the Pacific Ocean. Ocean currents accumulate litter into ocean garbage patches. The largest garbage patch floats between California and Hawaii. The Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest on earth, bigger than any landfill. 80% of the garbage i... View Post
  • Donut Worry, Be Happy! A Brief History on the LA Glaze Craze

    Los Angeles: A Sweet Treat Hub Have you ever felt your mouth watering as a friend or co-worker walks into the room with a plain pink cardboard box in hand? Then you may just be from SoCal! Southern California is a U.S. donut haven, with over 680 mom-and-pop style donut shops across the region (ov... View Post